About Palden

Palden Tshewang started his career with the tourism industry in Bhutan since 1995. He is registered as a travel guide and a local tour operator with extensive experience in Bhutan. Palden Tshewang has trekked and guided trekkers through all the 20 trekking routes in Bhutan from relatively easier Samtengang Trek to the formidable Snowman Trek.

He also has hands-on experiences of the entire popular tourist destinations in the country and has successfully completed numerous training on tourism inside the country. Besides, in the summer of 2001, he was invited to visit the United Stated of America under invitation of A World Away Travel proprietors Tricia and Colin Reynolds where he received wide-ranging training in hospitality and first aid, wilderness trekking and camping, rock climbing arid area, survival skills. Besides, he had the opportunity to partake in whitewater kayaking and rafting.

Palden joined seasoned guide and author of ‘Trekking in Tibet’ Gary McCue on a month long trek to Everest’s East Face, the Kangshung in the summer of 2005. Mr. McCue is the author on ‘Trekking in Tibet’.